The Many Benefits of Singing (Together)

Physical | Psychological | Social & Emotional | Educational

Through curated research conducted by Choral Canada, we’ve uncovered singing brings many benefits

As a music education platform, one of Singdaptive’s main goals was to educate singers on the benefits of singing. So far, we’ve helped thousands of singers on developing (and achieving) their singing goals. By using our 1-on-1 asynchronous coaching, on-demand lessons, podcasts, articles, and more to get to the next level, Singdaptive singers were able to further understand the psychological, social, and physical benefits of singing.

Through curated research conducted by Choral Canada, we’ve uncovered singing helps:

  • Improve lung and respiratory function
  • Foster social connectedness and belonging
  • Strengthen memory and learning
  • Decrease stress
  • Improve quality of life
  • And so much more!

We asked Singdaptive singers on what drives them to sing and here are the results!

What did we find out?


Singers Sing Together

The majority of singers come together weekly or multiple times over the past year to sing. These singers could either be a soloist and find opportunities to sing collectively or they sing regularly in a choir with others.

All singers know other singers who are interested in singing together – 55% of them they believe would be very interested. But, if you ask singers about their non-singing friends, they say the majority would not be interested or only somewhat interested in singing together.

Singers know there are benefits to singing

In Choral Canada’s curated research highlights of Benefits of Singing, 100% of singers believe they experience at least one benefit and 46% experience all 4. After speaking further with Singdaptive singers, we uncovered some specific areas they feel they need to improve.

  • Singers feel they need to improve in areas that correlate with Educational and Psychological benefits the most.
  • When asked which areas would suffer the most if they stopped singing, they felt Social & Emotional and Psychological benefits are what would suffer the most

Singers know friends who desire the benefits of singing

Through research, Singdaptive uncovered that 83% of singers know 2 or more people who desire similar improvements in their life as they do. This means they desire to improve educational and psychological benefits the most. Further, 61% of singers know 3 or more friends that don’t sing who they believe would really enjoy singing if they started.

So… why don’t more people sing?

If there are such great benefits to singing—and singers are aware of these benefits and acknowledge they would suffer if they stopped singing— why don’t even more people sing? With 3.5 million Canadians and 43 million Americans in choirs, it’s no wonder people are shocked to hear the large amount of people singing. But 100% of those populations have voices and are capable of singing.

The highest ranked reason? “I’ll sound bad.” Ranking much lower is having a bad experience or not liking singing. Singdaptive asked what could be effective ways to get people to start singing and “Singing together with someone” and “Singing in a Choir” ranked the highest.

By further educating and communicating the #BenefitsOfSinging, it could help get everyone singing.


*data compiled and analyzed from 2 Singdaptive surveys of singers collected between 2019 to 2022 representing over 1,420 singers.