Kathy Alexander Has Performed, Vocal Coached and Directed in Victoria since 1991

Vocal Coach and singer Kathy Alexander in music studio

Vocal Performance – Soloists, Bands, Musical Theatre, Choir andMore

Kathy Alexander establishes a powerful connection with her audiences in vocal performances that include jazz, pop, rock and classical genres. Career highlights include guest appearances with Vision TV’s Let’s Sing with Louise, The Sooke Philharmonic Orchestra and the Victoria International Jazz Festival (main stage). Kathy’s vocal work has included regular gigs with numerous groups including the Doug Farr Quartet; her acting and dancing skills have led to many musical theater credits including the Wizard of Oz (Glinda) and Guys & Dolls (Miss Adelaide), Mamma Mia (Donna), Mary Poppins (Mary Poppins), Shrek (Momma Shrek), Catch Me If You Can (Paula – cancelled due to COVID restrictions) and Sunset Boulevard. Kathy is often in demand for special events, weddings and funerals. Somehow she manages all of this while being the mother of three young children – including twins. She received her Bachelor in Music, Education from the University of Victoria and studied jazz and voice at Capilano University’s Jazz Studies program.

Writing, Arranging and Songwriting

Kathy has written song for musical theatre productions and about life as an exercise to connect creatively with life experiences. She is also an experienced arranger, recently making arrangements for Si Kahn’s original musical – Strangers in this Land.

Kathy is also a published co-author with the Ultimate Guide to Singing. She was a regular contributor to VoiceCouncil Magazine, a premiere on-line publication for gigging singers, and continues this work as a founder of the first multi-instructor adaptive learning platform for singers: Singdaptive. Her articles include op-ed pieces on star vocalists and issues related to vocal health and technique. However, Kathy is up to any assignment as is evidenced by her having published on breast-feeding twins and developing pieces on cooking, health & lifestyle. She is committed to professional journalistic techniques and has a passion for research and factual accuracy.

Vocal Coach, Singing Teacher and Educator

Currently, Kathy is an instructor at The Canadian College for Performing Arts, teachers numerous private voice lessons to students from around the world and directors musical theatre classes with Dansko’s musical theatre program.

Kathy has directed numerous choirs, musical theater projects and choral performances including the Victoria Children’s Choir, the Grace Men’s Choir, and vocal coaching in musical theatre programs. Kathy has a passion both for great pedagogy as well as for maintaining a motivating atmosphere. Her extensive music theory knowledge, piano skills and devotion to constructive pedagogy has enabled her to guide both amateur and professional groups through varying genres and complex harmonies. She believes in positive motivation, creating a fun atmosphere and the value of mistakes and messes. Most of all, Kathy believes in the musical potential of every individual who wants to sing.

Kathy has lived in Canada & Denmark.