The 7 Best Audition Tips You’ll Ever Hear

Is there a sure-fire way to nail your audition?

Whether it’s a reality show, a local band, a cruise ship spot or a musical, these audition tips may just make all the difference on the big day.

So, you’ve picked your song, you’ve got a sparkly outfit and some killer moves. But is there a sure-fire way to nail that audition ?

1. Pose for Power

Tom Burke is a speech-pathologist and voice coach for Broadway, film and TV. He shares his discovery of power poses…

“If in the moments before and audition you feel like your livelihood is at stake depending on whether you can hit that high note, try lowering your fight or flight response by doing power poses and meditation.”

“Power poses can increase your testosterone levels and decrease your cortisol levels (your stress hormone) which helps you fake it ‘til you make it. Using a physical prompt to shift your hormones vs. just telling yourself to calm down can be highly effective.”

Take a look at this for more on Power Poses:

So, you’ve picked your song, you’ve got a sparkly outfit and some killer moves. But is there a sure-fire way to nail that audition?

2. Remember to Steam

Simone Niles is a leading vocal and performance coach and an author on performance enhancement. She reveals her favourite pre-audition ritual…

“This is one of my favourite ways of hydrating the vocal folds, cleansing them at the same time. Good hydration thins the mucus that covers the vocal folds, so that they move against each other easily and vibrates smoothly. Try doing this at least once a day for a few minutes at a time, and definitely on audition day.”

3. Stay in Shape

Daniel Bowling, author of Auditions Undressed explains how singers need to stay in the game…

“Being in constant practice is an important element to taking a good audition. It’s part of preparation and it’s also part of being in shape as an artist. If you’re not constantly utilising your skills or honing your craft or working as an artist to stay in your groove then all your fright and flight reactions come into play and it makes going to that audition really tough in terms of holding your nerve together. That’s why it s so important to stay in your groove and stay in shape as an artist.”

4. Meditate on Artistic Elements

Jai Ramage is a voice consultant to several top theatrical agencies and pop management companies and coaches for The Voice UK. She encourages singers to dig deep…

“I would advise singers to think about what sort of artist they wish to be. This demands thought on what type of songs suit their voices and these might not be what they themselves listen to.

Musical and technical aspects should be considered such as the structure of the song, the dynamic journey, the range they are showing and how they are accessing it.”

“Analysis of the lyrics and how to connect with them is of huge importance which in turn leads to thinking how to convey the emotion and feel of the song. Leaving these details to just ‘see what happens in the moment’ is a big risk.”

5. Get Believable

Jeannie Deva, who passed in 2016, was a renowned celebrity voice and performance coach and author. She delved into the importance of emotional delivery:

“Can you remember a time you heard a singer who left you untouched emotionally, but was said to have “great technique?” The fact is; that singer did not have great technique. Instead, the vocal technique obstructed the meaning, emotion and believability of the song.

Technique is only as good as it can support, not overshadow, your communication. The “perfect sound” means nothing if it is not used as a means to enhance your performance and create an emotional response.”

6. Try a Breathing Exercise

Juliet Russell has coached Grammy award winners and X-Factor finalists and is a vocal coach on BBC1’s The Voice. She outlines how to look cool, calm and collected…

“Auditions can be much more nerve-wracking than a performance. Find ways to help you relax and feel comfortable beforehand. Breathing exercises where the exhalation is longer than the inhalation can help, as can positive visualisation. Greet the panel when you enter the room and be friendly and natural. You don’t need to be over the top, but behave as you would when meeting anyone for the first time.”

7. Don’t Be Afraid to Dazzle Them at Your Audition

Mister Tim is a published composer, award-winning recording artist, and in-demand performer and teacher. He issues a reminder that audition panels are on OUR side!

“The people behind the table do not want you to fail… they WANT you to be brilliant! They WANT you to amaze them! They have been sitting there all day watching average talent do average things; they want someone to come in and dazzle them!

Yet, “auditioners” cannot see what you do not show them. You know what you are capable of, but if you don’t show that immediately the auditioners won’t ask you to do it again so you can do it correctly. Go all-out, give it your absolute best, from beginning to end.”

Final Word

A bonus tip from the Singdaptive team is almost too obvious to share but it’s this: PREPARE.

You must know your audition material inside out, so you can focus less on remembering the lyrics and more on giving the performance of lifetime.

Only when you have fully prepared can you get ‘in the zone’ and deliver a fully committed and authentic performance. – Good luck!

Greg Barker

The late Greg Barker was one of the Founders of Singdaptive and VP of Publishing. He created online communities for a number of magazines and businesses, acting as a Commissioning Editor, freelance business & personal coach, and educator – he was active both in the Music Industry as well as in academia.