Has Adele Been A Bad Girl?

Like many singers, I was struct by Adele’s vocal health problems. VoiceCouncil asked me to visit the issue.


Has Adele Been A Bad Girl?

All gigging singers can empathize with and learn from Adele –says Kathy Alexander

She used to smoke. She has bad talking habits. Is Adele responsible for wrecking her own voice? One thing is for sure: blaming the singer with aloof accusations can ignore the big picture. Adele Adkins is, after all, a gifted and driven young artist who is paying a price for her high performance standards and a relentless schedule.

Even with perfect training and health, it’s a lot to ask of your vocal folds to resonate with power and emotion all evening long, night after night. Like a professional athlete, a touring singer is asking her body to function at the threshold of its capabilities.